Thursday, May 6, 2010

The charm of drafting tables

There is something about sitting in front of a drafting table that makes me feel inspired. I'm not sure why but I always want to play when I sit down. I'm not talking about new shiny ones from Ikea or Office Max, where is the character there? I'm talking about loved and worn and non-particle board ones. Ones that the patina of years and years of blueprint thumbtacks write a story. Those ones.
They might just be my new obsession... How could they not be when you think about it. I'll give you the rundown here.

1. If you are into design you without a doubt admire something that was originally drawn out on this humble table.

2. They are so versatile : dining table, art table, patio table, kitchen island, etc.

3. They are great space savers for people who live in small spaces.

4. They add just the right element of industrial chic to any modern home.

The above images :
1. This is my personal drafting table in our home
2.  From Urban Archaeology $9,500
3.  From Boo Radley's $2,950
4. From Robert Altman ...Price says "contact dealer" which means it is very expensive and they don't want to scare people away ;)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Put your feet on this : Harvey Probber Terrazzo Coffee Tables

Harvey Probber was a design genius. One of the many things that he is known for are his Terrazzo coffee tables. 

 Originally mastermind by Venetians (this explains why it is so beautiful) in the early 1900's Terrazzo is made up of small marble chips and is very strong. It is typically only found in flooring. Since this material is so strong, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on an original coffee table by Probber... it most likely is in near to perfect condition.
1. Available at Tom Gibbs Studio $1,800
2. Available at Objects in the Loft $1,900
3. Available at Duane $4,000

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